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A brief history of Washington Township, Alameda County, California
From the prehistoric to the present, learn about Washington Township, Alameda County California.

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1868 Earthquake
Information on the "Great Quake."

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1868 earthquake Yesterday morning San Francisco was visited by the most severe earthquake the city ever experienced.

1868 earthquake Damage in the east bay and centerville

California Department of Insurance California earthquake information

California Reader: Earthquakes Stories about earthquakes.

Hayward Earthquake--Great Quake of 1868 California experienced many quakes before the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and Fire. The 1868 quake was a major earthquake on the Hayward Fault that changed the history of Alameda County, California. This article was researched and written by Tim Swenson.

Hayward Fault Hayward fault history.

Hayward fault tour A website showing the surface expressions of the Hayward Fault.

Learn more about the 1868 Earthquake Great series of pages on the 1868 earthquake with links to photo archives.

Paleoseismology, Hayward Fault, California A large, widely damaging earthquake will occur on the Hayward fault in the future. That much we know. What we don't know is when.


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